Laravel 5: Auto loading for new class (mapping) has been removed from laravel 5.0

I mean to record this in the past but kind a forget about it.

What happen is while upgrading my laravel system from 5.0 to another version above. I find it lost automated function to adding new module/class into the class_map.

As naive as I was, I thought it was a great feature at that time to save me not to run the “composer dump-autoload” command to import new classed into the library. Because at that time in some server I wasn’t allow to have the Shell Access and hence no idea how to run the dump-autoload command. (Can still deploy it with FTP access from online application I was using – deploybot at that time).

Then it hit me when I do a quick update on the framework. Which whenever I deploy the new code it will throw Class not found exception in Laravel.

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WordPress Visual not working (Fix)

While working on one of my client WordPress site, I come across a issue which after some updates, the Visual Editor is no long working.

I search for the solution on in the forum and here is the fix for my issue.

define( ‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );

This seems to be an issue with the tinymce js files and it keep throwing some error whenever I click on the Visual tab.

For more information you can read through the thread here .