Portfolio: Github Projects

Here is my Github account for some personal project and test code. The purpose of this account is to host the project for my research and serves as a playground for new technologies I come across. It is a public account and welcome for any feedback and sharing. https://github.com/softfish  

Portfolio: Danakali Limited

A mobile responsive website on Joomla CMS platform. All contents has been organised so a specific user login (not the super admin access)  will be able to change content directly. This website is a full custom website without using any existing template. I get the design from the designer on PDS format and develop it from…

Portfolio: Oracle Insurance Brokers

This is a full custom website, using YooTheme – YooMaster2 base template. I am one of the two developers assigned to this project. My main focus was to working the responsive styling and implement the specific mobile design from our graphic design team. This is a WordPress site with content area specific for client to…

Portfolio: At Call Safety

The system full custom solution with Joomla VirtueMart. It include responsive styling and with over 1700 products in their inventory. Please click the link below to visit the website: At Call Safety

Portfolio: West Coast Office Supplies

WordPress Woocommerce solution This is a full custom website and hasn’t used any template. I got the design from our designer and customize the whole system base on the design. The feature of this website are:    

Portfolio: Taurus Productions

WordPress Template customization. The site is using one of the Cherry Frame purchased for the client and has been modified to suit they needs. It is a responsive website with Video stream from client Youtube account. Click here for the live site: http://www.taurusproductions.com.au/    

Portfolio: Challenge Office Supplies

Fully Customize Joomla CMS website. This is a product catalog website which link it to client online store system. This website service as a front end for SEO and marketing platform for the client. Click here for the live site: Challenge Office Supplies  

Portfolio: Ezetax

Ezetax website is a Joomla solution with Yoo Master 2 Themes customization.  It is a project for Woocom Australia’s clients. Here is the link for the website. Ezetax Live Site